Month to Month, Annual, Maintenance 

So this morning while I was in one of my favorite thinking places something hit me. Some relationships can kind of be viewed something like rental property. Let me explain. When you move in you have a lease. That lease says that you’re going to be there generally for some specified length of time. It says that you agree to pay monthly during that time you are there. 

So while you’re there and you’re paying monthly, you know that you are in a good place. You’re on equal terms. BUT, if you start to mistreat or neglect what has been entrusted to you, things begin to change. Doesn’t matter if you’ve continued to pay on time, what matters is the maintenance that has been put in. At this point you may end up in a month to month or eviction situation.

Now, on the other hand, If you are not only taking care of things in terms of your monthly payments, but you’re picking up trash here and there without being asked or maybe sweeping a hallway or mowing a lawn, you’ll see a greater appreciation. In turn, now they’re going to do whatever it takes to keep you, because not only do they feel valued, they know your worth. 
This goes for both sides. A man needs to know and feel that he is loved, appreciated, valued and needed just as much as a woman does. No matter what your relationship dynamic is. Just coming home is not enough. Empty statements of I love you without action does not work just as the lack of I love you doesn’t either. And remember that thank you goes a long way!

I love you may not be an everyday phrase, but it needs to be one. Thank you on the other should be often. Motivation and support feels like the perfect meal and I need you is a push.

Don’t allow your relationship to feel like a month to month situation.

I’m thankful for you

I love you

I need you

I support you

I’m sorry

You’re worth it